Cincinnati Reds 2016 Wish List


1. Trade Away Aroldis Chapman, ASAP

First on the offseason to-do list for the Reds should be finding a trading partner for the services of Aroldis Chapman. The Reds entertained the idea of trading Chapman at last year’s trade deadline, and did get some substantial offers, but chose instead to hold onto him through the end of the season. With only one year until he hits free agency, the value of Chapman is diminishing more and more with each passing day. While it would have been most prudent for the Reds to trade away Chapman and several other pieces at last year’s deadline, the Reds decided instead to hold off on a full-scale fire sale.

With the 2015 season behind them, and the 2016 season right around the corner, the Reds now must face the facts on their All Star closer. The longer the Reds wait on trading Chapman, the more his value will diminish. The Reds didn’t trade him at the deadline because reportedly the asking price was too high to be met. Having a high asking price is obviously fair for a player of Chapman’s caliber, but the Reds cannot hold onto him just because they aren’t getting the perfect return. Finding a suitable trade partner for Chapman this offseason must be the first priority for the Reds. There will obviously be no shortage of potential suitors, with the D’backs, Nationals and Blue Jays all looking like the best fits.

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