Cincinnati Reds 2016 Wish List

4. Find Outfielder/Leadoff Option

The last thing for the Reds to do this offseason is acquiring an outfielder in free agency or via a trade to be a good leadoff option. Last year it was pretty clear that Billy Hamilton didn’t work out at the top of the lineup. This offseason the Reds should sign a short-term option to play in either left or right field, depending on if Jay Bruce is traded, that can bat at the top of the lineup and be a table-setter for the lineup.

Obviously the Reds don’t need to be spending a large sum on a free agent player, but they could do something similar to what the Braves did last offseason with Nick Markakis. The Braves signed Markakis to a four year $44 million contract as a sort of stop gap until the team was ready to compete. The Reds may not want to go as long as four years or as high as $44 million, but they may consider a somewhat similar deal on a similar player. In terms of players who can bat at the top of the lineup, the Reds may want to sign low-risk, high-reward candidates such as Rajai Davis or Austin Jackson to fill the void. These players are also good candidates for a bounce back in hitter friendly Great American Ballpark, and could be flipped for even more prospects at a future date.

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