Evaluating the Most Likely Landing Spots for Jason Heyward

St. Louis Cardinals

2016 committed salary: $102.9 million

The Cardinals should be the initial favorites to sign Heyward, as he did just enjoy a productive season in St. Louis and has said he enjoys the team, city, and fans. The Cardinals, not known for being big spenders, will likely break that mold for Heyward. Not only because of his abilities and what he brings to the table, but also because of the 10 years of combined control given up in Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins they spent to get him. General manager John Mozeliak knows he gave up a good amount to land Heyward, so it is unlikely he will let the former All-Star just walk. Hypothetically, if the Cardinals somehow fail to re-sign Heyward, they really wouldn’t be too worse for wear, as they would still have Matt Holliday, Randal Grichuk, Tommy Pham, and Stephen Piscotty to fill in. As of right now, though, the Cardinals must be considered favorites to sign Heyward.

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