Evaluating the Most Likely Landing Spots for Jason Heyward

Los Angeles Angels

2016 committed salary: $129.3 million

In 2015 the Angels got a .207 batting average, 49 RBI and 33 extra-base hits from their left fielders, a group consisting of Matt Joyce, David Murphy, Shane Victorino, and Collin Cowgill. Suffice it to say the Angels and new general manager Billy Epler would like to see significant improvement on those numbers in 2016. With Heyward, the Angels would not only get a young, dynamic presence, but they would also have a third star to put in the lineup with Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. While the Angels payroll is already up there, they are a big market team and shouldn’t have a problem handing Heyward the hefty contract he will be seeking. Adding Heyward would give the Angels not only the force they need to get back to the #1 offense they had back in 2014, but also the player they need to keep up in an improving AL West.

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