Evaluating the Most Likely Landing Spots for Jason Heyward

San Francisco Giants

2016 committed salary: $122.7 million

The Giants recently declined options on outfielders Nori Aoki and Marlon Byrd, which would seemingly put them in the market for an outfielder. Hunter Pence is a lock in right field, but the void in left as well as Angel Pagan‘s inability to stay healthy in center will have the Giants looking for another solid bat to pair with Hunter Pence. Heyward would be a nice addition for the Giants to try and continue their “even years” trend, as his defense would surely be welcome in the spacious AT&T park, and his bat would complement Buster Posey and Matt Duffy. The question will be how much the Giants are willing to spend, as their payroll is up there already. They are rumored to be in the market for Zack Greinke and Jordan Zimmermann as well. The pitching will probably come first, so just how much the Giants spend on the rotation will determine what they have to go after Heyward.

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