Four players who should consider taking the qualifying offer

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While it’s never been done before, 2015-16 could finally be the year that one of baseball’s free agents grabs the dangling carrot and takes the qualifying offer. The league handed out a record 20 such offers this year. Though it’s highly unlikely that a player would actually be willing to take a one-year deal given the fact that baseball has guaranteed contracts, a $15.8 million salary seems very attractive.

Having watched Stephen Drew leave a ton of money on the table, and players like Kendrys Morales and Ubaldo Jimenez twist in the breeze while they waited for a team to pull the trigger on a multi-year deal, taking the certainty of the qualifying offer could finally look attractive enough for one player to take it. With teams placing an even greater premium on first-round draft picks, a handful of players every year will face some difficulty in finding a new home in free agency.

Here are the players from this year’s crop of qualifying offers who should continue taking the money.

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  1. John Cate

    I expect Lackey to get something like 2/30 or 3/40 on the market. It doesn’t make sense for him to take the QO. I do think he re-ups with the Cardinals regardless. It seems like a good fit for Lackey and the Cards.


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