2015 Gold Glove Winners Announced

American League Gold Glove Winners

First base: Eric Hosmer

Along with bringing home a World Series, Hosmer backed up his banner year with a Gold Glove award. He had a fantastic year all around, although the metrics don’t necessarily agree that he was the best defensive first baseman in the league; he had a SABR Defensive Index (SDI) of 1.3, which ranked sixth among all AL first basemen. This is his third straight Gold Glove.

Second base: Jose Altuve

Just because he is the smallest guy on a baseball field in the Majors, doesn’t mean Altuve can’t get it done with his glove. Along with leading his team to a Wild Card berth, he had an SDI of 4.6, third among AL second basemen. This is his first career Gold Glove.

Third Base: Manny Machado

This may seem like cheating since Machado is a shortstop playing at the hot corner, but nonetheless, Machado can get it done with the leather. He finished 2015 with an SDI of 11.8, which ranked first among AL third basemen. You have to see this guy to believe the plays he can make. This is his second career Gold Glove.

Shortstop: Alcides Escobar

Another one of the three Royals to take home this award. He completed a great duo up the middle with Omar Infante/Ben Zobrist en route to his first career Gold Glove. Escobar had an SDI of 6.5, which was good for first among AL shortstops.

Left Field: Yoenis Cespedes

He may not have been in the American League for the entire season, but while he was with the Tigers, Cespedes got it done in the field. His arm is unmatched and he can play anywhere in the outfield. This is his first career Gold Glove, and his 10.1 SDI was first among AL left fielders.

Center Field: Kevin Kiermaier

When we talk about Kiermaier, we could arguably be talking about the best defender in baseball. The way this guy goes and gets the ball is almost second to none and this award is definitely warranted. This is his first career Gold Glove and he had an SDI of 29.2 and saved 42 runs both of which were far and away the best among AL center fielders.

Right Field: Kole Calhoun

Calhoun sort of takes the back seat to Mike Trout on the national scale, but out west, Calhoun is known fairly well and if you’ve seen him play, you’d understand why he won this award. This is his first career Gold Glove and in his first season playing over 140 games, he had an SDI of 10.5, far and away the best among AL right fielders.

Catcher: Salvador Perez

The sheer size of Perez behind the plate makes you question how he can makes it through a season healthy. He is one tough dude and knows what he’s doing behind the plate. This is Perez’s third straight Gold Glove and his SDI ranked seventh among all AL catchers at 1.9.

Pitcher: Dallas Keuchel

Keuchel could very well end up being the AL Cy Young award winner, but this award is no fluke either as he completely deserved this one. He has a great defense around him, but he can get it done too as he had the best SDI by far at 8.6. This is his first career Gold Glove.

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