Washington Nationals: Five burning offseason questions


Credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images North America

By this point, enough has been written about the disappointing 2015 season for the Washington Nationals. There’s not much point in continuing to pile on. The Nationals did not live up to expectations, done in by injuries, poor managment, and a bullpen that went off the rails. There’s a new manager now, in Dusty Baker. The injured stars will hit the reset button, and should return to health over the winter. That, in and of itself, should make the Nationals optimistic about returning to the playoffs in 2016. The Nationals have their roster in place for the most part, and there are not many holes in the personnel department.

Still, when a team underwhelms in such spectacular fashion, there will be questions dogging them. Here are the five biggest questions the Nationals will be facing as offseason activity begins to pick up in earnest.

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