Milwaukee Brewers 2016 Wish List

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers

Credit: Jeffrey Phelps / Getty Images North America

Following what some would call an epic collapse in the second half of the 2014 season, the Milwaukee Brewers were dead on arrival in 2015. With three juggernauts, the Pirates, Cubs, and Cardinals, in the National League Central, the Brewers really had no chance of competing in 2015. Really the only positive for the Brewers was the fact that they didn’t finish the season as poorly as the Cincinnati Reds. On top of that, the Brewers got a jump start on their division rival Reds, trading away more players and getting ahead on their own rebuild while the Reds sat back and did the minimum. Going forward, the Brewers are clearly in a rebuild, and new general manager David Stearns has said that all options are on the table for this offseason.

What follows is a list of the four things the Brewers should do this offseason to speed up their rebuilding process and put themselves in a good spot in terms of player development in 2016.

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