San Diego Padres: Five Burning Offseason Questions


2. What will the Padres Pitching Staff Look like in 2015?

Another apparent area of need for the Padres in 2016 is the pitching staff. After a huge regression for the whole pitching staff in 2015, save for the stellar season of Tyson Ross, the Padres have some work to do to get the staff back to its 2014 dominance. The staff make-up from last season obviously did not work, so the front office could be in favor of making some changes to attempt to improve the staff simply through replacement. While Ross had the best season of any Padres pitcher, he may actually be the pitcher that is most likely to be traded. As it stands, he has the most trade value of all the Padres pitchers and could be used to upgrade several other areas of need around the diamond, including shortstop, as discussed previously.

Beyond Ross, both James Shields and Andrew Cashner could end up in a new home in 2016 if the Padres have their way. After signing a big free-agent contract to be the Padres ace, James Shields had one of the most disappointing seasons of his career, and has already worn out his welcome in San Diego. On the other hand, Andrew Cashner took a huge step back in his development in 2015 and could benefit greatly from a change of scenery. Based on how things went last year, the Padres could very well have an entirely new staff in 2016. What the staff could look like is anybody’s guess.

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