Justin Upton: Possible Destinations

Baltimore Orioles 

The Baltimore Orioles are probably one of the teams with the greatest need for a high profile outfielder for 2016. As it currently stands, the Orioles have center field covered with Adam Jones, with some combination of Nolan Reimold, Henry Urrutia, Dariel Alvarez and Junior Lake to man the two corner outfield positions. The Orioles were unable to replace the production of both Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis in 2015 after their departures following the 2014 season. The Orioles tried to replace that production in 2015 with a combination of Travis Snider, and later Gerardo Parra, although neither were able to match the lineup presence of either Markakis or Cruz. Snider was designated for assignment, and Parra is now a free agent.

Beyond pure needs, what upgrades the Orioles can and can not make comes down to how much money they are willing and/or able to spend this offseason. As it currently stands, the Orioles biggest priority appears to be attempting to retain first baseman Chris Davis. Davis is due for a massive contract, whether that be with the Orioles or someone else, and his status will most certainly dictate what other moves the team will make.

If the Orioles are unable to keep up with the bidding war and Davis is signed elsewhere, Justin Upton would be a decent consolation prize. He could provide the middle of the order bat the Orioles need to support Manny Machado and provides the power that the Orioles lost with the departure of Nelson Cruz, and the power they stand to lose if Chris Davis walks. Based on what happens with Chris Davis, the Orioles could be one of the top teams in on Justin Upton this winter.

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