Five value free agents for the Baltimore Orioles to consider

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Credit: Mitchell Layton / Getty Images North America

A unique blend of homegrown talent, trade acquisitions, and savvy free-agent signings has turned the Baltimore Orioles back into a yearly contender. Those value free agents, like Nate McLouth, Danny Valencia, Steve Pearce, Miguel Gonzalez, Wei-Yin Chen, Chaz Roe, and most of all, Darren O’Day, all exceeded the wildest expectations anyone in the Orioles organization could have had at the time of their signing. The Orioles have to build their roster on a budget (at least that’s what billionaire owner Peter Angelos tells us), meaning finding undervalued free agents every winter is a big key to keeping up with the big spenders in New York, Boston, and now Toronto (gulp).

The Orioles have a big free-agent class of their own to take care of. Matt Wieters made a surprising decision yesterday to accept the team’s qualifying offer, making it that much more difficult for the Orioles to be aggressive in free agency. Chris Davis will remain the team’s number-one priority, but the Orioles may now have to get a little bit more creative when filling out their roster for 2016.

Here are five free agents who could fit the Orioles’ needs and provide great value. You’ll notice there are no starting pitchers on the list. There are very few starting pitchers on the market who could fall into the value category, and those that do are not a wild upgrade over what the Orioles already have.

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