Seven realistic free agents for the New York Mets to pursue

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Credit: Denis Poroy / Getty Images North America

Justin Upton

The Mets should have the flexibility to chase one big slugger. When Cespedes leaves, the Mets will be left with a gaping hole in the heart of their order. This team was not a viable contender until the arrival of Cespedes. The pitching staff was great, but the offense could barely provide enough scoring to keep the record more than a few games above .500. The addition of a power bat really jump-started the team, and the Mets should not rest on their laurels when it comes to replacing Cespedes.

Justin Upton and Jason Heyward are the two best outfield options on the market for a team looking for a younger, power-hitting player. Alex Gordon is in the mix too, but he is more of a complimentary player. A team like the Mets will not get enough return on investment from a player like Gordon. He simply cannot carry an offense. Heyward is going to get an eight-year deal for close to $200 million. That’s simply not something the Mets can afford. If Upton falls into the six-year, $110 million range, the Mets should take a deep breath and come to the negotiating table. The front office needs to aggressively pursue one big bat this winter.

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