Six Possible Trade Destinations for Aroldis Chapman

With Craig Kimbrel now off the market, Aroldis Chapman is the next logical closer to be traded this offseason. Prior to the trade of Kimbrel, it actually was more likely that Chapman would be traded first. With that being said, even with the Boston Red Sox cashing in on the Craig Kimbrel market, the market for an elite closer is still robust and the Cincinnati Reds should be able to find a suitable trading partner for Chapman.

After the trade of Kimbrel, in which the San Diego Padres collected a huge haul of four prospects, the Reds should be salivating over the idea of trading away Chapman for a similar return. The Reds, however, should temper their expectations of completing a similar trade. Kimbrel had three years of team control to Chapman’s one as well as a longer track record. Chapman is obviously no slouch, and is one of the elite closers in all of baseball, but his return will not be the large haul that the Padres got for Kimbrel. With that being said, the Reds need to cash in on Chapman this offseason for whatever return they can get. There are plenty of interested parties still out there.

What follows is a list of the six teams that will most likely be in the market for Aroldis Chapman this offseason.

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