The 5-Tool Podcast Episode 1: Tony Gwynn Jr.

In the debut episode of The 5-Tool Podcast, hosts Nick Hamelin and Jeff Snider start with a brief introduction, followed by some quick hit news around baseball. Jeff and Nick also give their thoughts on end-of-season award winners, including a Rick Porcello reference.

At about the 7:00 mark, we jump into the interview with veteran major leaguer Tony Gwynn Jr. Among the topics discussed:

  • Tony being called Anthony throughout college and the special feeling of getting drafted.
  • Hitting a game-tying triple against Trevor Hoffman to hurt the Padres’ playoff hope.
  • Mentors such as Rickey Henderson who helped Tony, along with his uncle Chris Gwynn.
  • Tony Gwynn Sr. letting Tony figure out his own path and managing other sports.
  • Jeff asks TGJ if he can remember the 7 pitchers he has home runs off of, from Kevin Millwood to Zack Greinke.
  • How the minor leagues made Tony a man by growing up fast and comparing it to other sports.
  • Tony feeling the Philadelphia “brotherly love.”

At 34:30, Tony, Nick, and Jeff discuss smokeless tobacco within the game of baseball. Tony expresses his opinions coming from a unique point of view and it leads to a must-listen conversation.

Finally, at 43:30, Jeff and Nick wrap up the first podcast with a game of some baseball trivia. Somehow, we managed to mention Hanley Ramirez, Jonathan Papelbon and Ted Williams all in a single segment.

We greatly appreciate you turning into the first ever episode of the 5TP. You can follow the podcast @5ToolPodcast, Nick at @NickHamelin, Jeff at @snidog. If you’d like any questions answered please tweet them at us. Once again a special thanks to Tony Gwynn Jr., you can follow him at @tonygwynnjr.

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