The Mets Should Bring Back Fan-Favorite Bartolo Colon

The Ageless Wonder, Bartolo Colon, provided a solid season in the final year of his contract with the New York Mets. Colon pitched to a 14-13 record with a 4.16 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP during the regular season and was even better in the postseason. In 8.2 innings, he was 1-1 with a 2.08 ERA and 7 strikeouts throughout the Mets’ run in the playoffs.

Colon, however, has way more value than just statistical analysis. Colon is one of the most entertaining pitchers in baseball. From his quirky warm-ups to his always entertaining at-bats, Bartolo Colon provides fans with a memorable performance nearly every time he steps on the rubber. Tell me another pitcher that generates such excitement through a single at-bat. Colon is also a solid innings-eater. He’s very durable and can even be used out of the bullpen.

It would also be wise to re-sign Bartolo because you really don’t know how well Zack Wheeler and Rafael Montero will be returning from injuries. Wheeler is coming off of Tommy John surgery and Montero had some inflammation in his rotator cuff, which forced him to miss most of the year. Even if they do come back healthy, Terry Collins can still use Bartolo in spot starts or just a long man in the bullpen.

The Mets will have to make some tough decisions this offseason. But the decision to re-sign Bartolo Colon should be a fairly simple one.

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