5 Reasons Why the Padres Should Keep Tyson Ross


Credit: K.C. Alfred/ AP Photo


The 28-year-old is still relatively young in terms of pitching age. Many pitchers mature and refine their deliveries over time and Ross could clearly do the same. His motion is hard to repeat because of his size. Often pitchers with the stature of Ross struggle with this very thing until it just click one day. Randy Johnson comes to mind.

His walks and wild streaks are still an issue but you must realize that he is still young. With James Shields in the clubhouse, Ross can seek out a mentor who plays the game the right way. It is exciting that Ross has developed in the prime of his professional career. The fact is he could very easily pitch for the next seven to ten years.

When you have a player of this caliber almost due for free-agency, you need to lock him up. If the Padres have confidence in Ross, buying out his last two years of arbitration might be a great choice for the franchise.

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