5 Reasons Why the Padres Should Keep Tyson Ross


Credit: Andy Hart/ Getty Images


Ross has developed over time and within the last few years has really taken off as a pitcher. He is very respected league wide, and there are a ton of teams that would love having him in their starting rotation. When playing the game of baseball, all you can ask of your players is to get better every time they play the game. You must learn from your mistakes and show a progression towards development.

The progression that Ross has shown has been subtle. If you look at his numbers, both his ERA and WHIP increased from the season before. However Ross in general has been more relaxed on the mound and his numbers last season were influenced by a bit of bad luck.

His strikeout numbers have increased every season and his slider has seemed to get nastier. That progression alone is outstanding as Ross has continued to develop his strikeout pitch. His slider is one of the best pitches in the game. The progression Ross has shown s an exciting thing. Hopefully he can continue to make strides in the right direction.

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