5 Reasons Why the Padres Should Keep Tyson Ross


Credit: K.C. Alfred/ AP Photo


In his Major League career, despite having a “funky” pitching motion, Ross has been relatively healthy. He hasn’t had any major arm injuries and that is something that is a very valuable commodity when talking about a starting pitcher. Pitching a ball is a totally unnatural act, and for a player to be able to do that every year without repercussions a fantastic thing.

Ross has made every start since being inserted into the starting rotation in 2013. His throwing motion is a bit of a concern in the long run though. Ross does throw across his body and typically pitchers with that type of delivery eventually have arm issues.

To this day Ross has had no issues and it could be that he is just a workhorse. His motion does leave his arm finishing across his body, but he does not have a violent motion by any stretch of the imagination. Since his delivery is smooth and not herky-jerky, he could have no arm issues ever in his career. You really never know.

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