5 Reasons Why the Padres Should Keep Tyson Ross


Credit: Joe Camporeale/ USA TODAY Sports

Quiet Leader

Ross is not the most vocal person. He will not tell you how good he is. Though he has a ton of confidence, he will never speak as though he is above the game of baseball. Quiet leaders that just do their job without letting everyone know are extremely valuable within a clubhouse.

His mentality is balanced and that is needed to be successful at the major league level. Ross is involved in many local charities in and around San Diego. All of the Padres are required to partake in charitable events of some kind, but Ross has continually gone the extra mile in giving back to the community.

His work ethic and quiet attitude are very refreshing and should be commended. Ross would not make huge commands on the financial front either. If the Padres were wise they would consider extending this young ace. In doing that they would show a lot of confidence in this young man and he could blossom even more as a pitcher.

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