Top 5 Free Agents the St. Louis Cardinals Should Sign

Credit: Thomas A. Ferrarra/ Newsday

Credit: Thomas A. Ferrarra/ Newsday

Zack Greinke

It is looking as though Zack Greinke is done with the three ringed circus which is the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise. Reports indicate he wants out of town and even more specific reports indicate that specifically Greinke is upset with Yasiel Puig. If he is looking for harmony and a place to pitch without drama then St. Louis would be that place.

Teamed with Wainwright, the Cardinals would instantly be favorites to once again repeat in the Central. Greinke would also benefit and love pitching to Yadier Molina. The All-Star catcher has a great reputation working with his pitchers, and it would be scary to think Molina might actually be able to make Greinke a better pitcher.

The pocket books would have to open up for Greinke. He is 32 years old so the Cardinals would not have to make a long commitment to him. He is probably looking for at least a five-year deal at around $30 million per season. Well worth the money as Greinke arguably could have been the Cy Young award winner in the National League this year. Jake Arrieta just narrowly beat him for the honor. If the Cardinals want to make an instant statement Greinke might be the man.

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