Five Value Free Agents for the Yankees to Consider

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves

Credit: Todd Kirkland / Getty Images North America

Kelly Johnson, INF/OF

Another former Yankee, Johnson has been an asset for a playoff team each of the past three years. If the Yankees want a utility player, but decide not to spend on Zobrist, Johnson is a great option. He is a better second baseman than Pearce.

With 145 home runs in 10 Major League seasons, Johnson has some pop in his bat, and is not dissimilar to Daniel Murphy. Johnson may not hit for as high an average as Murphy, but he won’t cost much more than $3 million per season. The former first round pick is one of the more underrated free agents on the market, and could be sneaky valuable to a team like the Yankees.

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  1. ronald frushon

    i have said for over one year that ,do not expect any big changes or a trip ti the series until 2017 when we shed are older big money guys that are not producing like in years past. i do think the yanks should admit this,suck it up and start bringing up our top prospects to see what we need in 2017. then will will have the money to get most anyone we want . we would not be talking like this if the sons of George respected their fathers wishes to keep the yanks on top at any cost. HELP, JETER USE SOME OF YOUR MONEY ,AND GET SOME BACKERS AND MAKE THE GUTLESS STEINBRENNERS AN OFFER THEY CANT REFUSE , TO SELL THE TEAM. HAL AND HANK SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEM SELVES

  2. sanitychecker

    In reply to the author: no, no, no, no, and no.

    In reply to Ronald Frushon: in case you haven’t noticed, the Steinbrenners have started following Cashman’s lead in developing and bringing up minor leaguers. The Yanks brought up more than 20 rookies last year for varying stints.

  3. Les Schraeder

    There is nobody mentioned on this list than makes sense for the Yankees to acquire due to age, size of projected contract or need. The team will be focusing on trades this year to make them relevant during 2016. Afterwards their approach to free agency will most likely change to some degree.

  4. Michael Bradbury

    Chen is the only one the Yanks are interested in. All the infielders are too old and too expensive compared to what we already have. There was a very well youth movement this year and it’s not stopping now.


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