Five Potential Landing Spots for Jose Fernandez


Source: Brian Blanco / Getty Images North America

The rumors have been swirling around Jose Fernandez all week. By now, pretty much everyone has heard them. There have been several reports, and quite a vicious string of rumors, about the apparent possibility of the Marlins trading the former NL Rookie of the Year. It has been reported by several sources, most specifically a Miami radio host named Andy Slater, that the Marlins are unhappy with Fernandez’s attitude both on the field and in the clubhouse. This initial report has led to speculation that Fernandez could be dealt, despite there being no mention of that type of specificity in that report.

With that being said, recent reports have claimed that both Fernandez and the Marlins front office hope to maintain their relationship into 2016, with no trade being imminent.

Despite this sentiment, speculation is that a trade still could happen even though both sides have denied the rumors. It appears highly unlikely the Marlins would make this kind of deal, given his cheap contract and three years left of team control, not to mention the fact Hernandez is coming off a shortened season because of a Tommy john surgery. The Marlins would be better off keeping Fernandez, either until he rebuilds all of his trade value or until the team decides to sign him long term. At this time, it would be unwise to trade him, even if there attitude problems or clubhouse problems centered around him and his actions exist.

While it is not a sure thing that Fernandez will be traded, or that he is even available, it is still fun to speculate about the potential of a possible trade. What follows are five potential landing spots that would make sense if the Marlins do end up trading Fernandez.

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