Make Josh Donaldson a Blue Jay for life

Josh Donaldson spoke on the Jeff Blair show in Toronto on Monday morning and stated he wants to be a Blue Jay for life. ““It’s a great environment for me. It sets up well for me and I would really like to be here for a while.”

Now its up to the brass of the Toronto Blue Jays to make that happen. Donaldson made $4.3 million in arbitration this year after losing his hearing, but could go up to $12 million this year after his MVP season. The time for the Blue Jays to extend Donaldson is now. Donaldson’s love for Toronto will only help them in their negotiation on a long term deal the same way it worked out with Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, as they were signed to team friendly deals.

It has been a while since players have proclaimed their love of playing in Toronto and Canada and their willingness to stay. David Price‘s agent just spoke out and stated how Toronto is far and away his first choice and is adamant on re-signing. Josh Donaldson has become a fan favorite and is currently one of the best players in baseball. Giving him a five- or six-year contract and locking him up for a longer period would be beneficial to the team as Bautista and Encarnacion’s contracts are up at the end of next season. They need more long term solutions among their star players and showing the ability to extend star players would go a long way in showing free agents that Toronto is the real deal.

The Blue Jays do have the financial resources to lock up Donaldson. Extending Donaldson would give fans a sense of security and hope with the extension of their all around best player since Roberto Alomar. Donaldson is under contract till 2018. The next four years of arbitration would cost the Blue Jays upwards of $35-40 million leading him up to his age 32 season being a free agent which would net him more money. With Donaldson enjoying his time in Toronto, the Jays could offer him a six-year deal worth $80 million, which would be a great deal for the Blue Jays and a fair one for Donaldson. It would save the Blue Jays a significant amount of money and keep their star player in Toronto.

The time to win is now in Toronto, and the city is back in love with baseball. Extending Donaldson would make the Blue Jays a prime destination where star players enjoy playing. The extension of Donaldson and the idea that David Price wants to come back to Toronto really puts the country of Canada back on the baseball map.

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