Source: Toronto “far and away” David Price’s first choice

There has been plenty of speculation as to where star left-handed pitcher David Price will end up in free agency. Teams that have been reported to have interest in Price include the Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and many others. However, they are not Price’s preferred choice.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, Price and his agent, Bo McKinnis, have made it clear that playing in Toronto for the Blue Jays is “far and away [Price’s] first choice.”

Price loves Toronto and “relishes” the attention he is getting as a superstar, which he may not get elsewhere, making Toronto his top choice, the source said.

In free agency, Price is likely to land a contract north of $200 million and the Blue Jays, if they choose to sign Price, can afford him.

Price, 30, was acquired by the Blue Jays in a blockbuster trade before the July 31 trade deadline and in only 11 starts in Toronto, he flourished, going 9-1 with a 2.30 ERA and a 87/18 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

With both the Detroit Tigers and Blue Jays, Price had one of his best seasons, going 18-5 with a 2.45 ERA and a 225/45 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

It’s unclear how far talks with the two sides have gone, but if Price really wants to go to Toronto, the Blue Jays need to make it happen. Having a star pitcher of Price’s caliber at the top-of-the-rotation, combined with the Blue Jays’ offense, makes them a legitimate threat to advance deep in the playoffs yet again.

Stay tuned.

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  1. geoffrey_mt

    Dear Rogers:

    Don’t you dare f$%& this up.

    Blue Jays fans

    • harvey miller

      If they do, I will never spend another penny on the Jays, and I will cancel my Rogers services.

      • 2damkule

        that’ll show that billionaire conglomerate!

      • harvey miller

        I know, it seems futile, but if everybody does it…

  2. harvey miller

    I would like to think this is true, and if so, they better sign him.

  3. David Stewart

    Wish it was true. Would love it to be true… but what was in the article shows nothing but speculation. This is not story… barely makes rumour. Money talks and BS walks.

    • 2damkule

      until a deal is done, everything is speculation. 98% of all content at this time of year, every year, is speculation.

      • Kostas Adam

        He wants Toronto. He wants to be with one of the best teams in baseball, and the best offense in baseball. That isn’t speculation. The man nearly went to the World Series with a team he hardly knew. Wait and see – but don’t be surprised if he signs with Toronto.

    • Kostas Adam

      He wants a winning team. You are wrong. Winning is number one as admitted by him in an Interview earlier in the year. Hence money is second. In this case he also loves Toronto, and loves playing for a country as opposed to a state. The negativity with so many people is outright sad. Why don’t you simply just wait and see what happens?! Another thing to note is that he nearly went to the World Series with a team that he had only just been traded too. Price is human; naturally it would be only fitting to give his arms to the likes of Toronto for a number of years to see if, in fact, a World Series can be won. You only get so many opportunities in life. Toronto has the team to win (easily one of the best in baseball – and he knows this), and Price right now has an opportunity to stay with us. Therefore, any intelligent person can admittedly see that to simply walk away could very well be the wrong choice.

      On the whole, you say barely makes rumor?! You need to think and use your brain. Think.

  4. Eagle

    If they’re his first choice, they better pony up! No excuses!

  5. Ron K

    Recommendation for Mr. Shapiro……….restrict your personal physical workouts to practicing of daily sprints out of Toronto……so you’ll have a head start on what direction you’ll need to run if you ‘F’ up this golden once in a lifetime small window of opportunity.

  6. edge

    Dear Rogers,
    The Red Sox are in rebuilding mode, regardless if they are “all-in” on a free agent pitcher or two. The Yankees will still have one more “down” year with an aging A-Rod and Teixeira and who knows about Sabathia. And the Rays are the Rays. This is your window, with that offense and defense. Re-sign Price and the AL East is yours again. Don’t F this up, Shapiro!

  7. Gary73

    Be careful what you wish for, Jays fans. $200 mil for a 30 year old with 1500 innings on his arm sounds like a resume for disaster. Better to trade for a couple of younger arms, even if it means giving up position players.

  8. myviewpoint2

    Blue Jays announced signing of Happ to a 3 year deal pretty much shuts the door on any Price signing. Nice work Mr. Shapiro makes renewing season tickets an easy decision … Be interesting what the non signing ends up saving the Blue Jays after all is said and done. Lower attendance no playoff revenue Hmmm we will see.

    Disgruntled Fan with 4 less tickets..

  9. myviewpoint2

    His signing with Boston will come back to bit the Blue Jays in the A$$ big time.


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