Five Burning Questions for the New York Yankees this Offseason

Credit: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images North America

Credit: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images North America

The New York Yankees are leading the public to believe they will not play much in free agency this winter, preferring to keep payroll relatively constant while continuing to develop homegrown stars. While that sounds like a noble goal, does anyone really believe the Yankees will not be targeting at least one frontline starting pitcher and power bat that will each cost over $100 million?

Yeah, me neither.

The Yankees returned to the postseason this October after a brief hiatus, but it was one and done for the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees have questions in their rotation, and an aging roster. Getting another playoff season out of this group of players will likely be difficult, and the team overachieved this year to even reach the Wild Card game. There are big questions surrounding the future of the Yankees, especially as the Toronto Blue Jays appear to have emerged as a big market threat and the Boston Red Sox prepare to attempt to win the offseason for a second straight year.

Here are the five biggest questions that will dog the New York Yankees over the offseason.

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  1. mick

    The Yankees have a pretty good outfielder sitting on the bench. It’s time to give Slade Heathcott a look, a full season, and trade Brett Gardner, plus others, for a rotation ace.

  2. Michael Bradbury

    Nicely written (for an outsider) but you don’t know the in’s and out’s of this team. Evoldi was phenomenal before he got hurt. Better and better as the season went on and our ace at the time he went down. Hurt us a lot. He’s going to be very good.
    As is Severino. ;) Pineda is up and down but a good year for his first full season after major arm surgery. He could easily be an ace. As could Severino (probably) as could Evoldi. As could Tanaka. Fact is, next year this group could put it together and be one of the top rotations in baseball.
    You’re skeptical the Yanks will sit on their hands but you haven’t been paying close attention, including last season when we were in 1st place but with obvious needs that ended up killing us.
    And they didn’t trade for expensive aging stars……………………………….. ;)

  3. Les Schraeder

    I am just glad that you are a writer and not the Yankee G.M. Why push the panic button at this point in time? You call them penny pinchers and I say that they are merely using fiscal responsibility in restructuring their team. They should trade Gardner although they are not likely to get much for him at this point. After the contracts of Beltran and Teixeira expire at the end of next year they will have a few more options to address their weaknesses. The next year both C.C. and A-Rod drop off and that is when the team will flex their financial might. Until then lets just support what new direction that the team is headed.


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