Five Burning Questions for the New York Yankees this Offseason

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1.) Are the Yankees really going to stick to a budget?

I led this article by questioning whether or not the Yankees will really attempt to contain costs this offseason. With a plethora of elite outfielders in this year’s free agent class, and only one more year of Carlos Beltran, the Yankees need to consider spending on a big bat for their corner outfield. Justin Upton should be tops on their list, not Jason Heyward. Upton will not be as expensive for the suddenly penny-pinching Yankees ownership group.

While it’s understandable that the Yankees would hope to avoid adding more bad contracts this winter, the free-agent crop of outfielders are far younger than most of the older veterans now on the roster were at the time they were signed. Neither Upton or Heyward would be a poor investment, and both would benefit from the hitter-friendly stadium the Yankees call home. Brett Gardner will be traded, but it’s not to free up cash. A trade of Gardner is a move to open a corner outfield spot for one of the big-ticket outfielders on the free-agent market. The Yankees are attempting to be coy about their free-agent plans, but in the end, the temptation to spend on an outfielder under the age of 30 will be too powerful for Hal Steinbrenner and his management team.

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  1. mick

    The Yankees have a pretty good outfielder sitting on the bench. It’s time to give Slade Heathcott a look, a full season, and trade Brett Gardner, plus others, for a rotation ace.

  2. Michael Bradbury

    Nicely written (for an outsider) but you don’t know the in’s and out’s of this team. Evoldi was phenomenal before he got hurt. Better and better as the season went on and our ace at the time he went down. Hurt us a lot. He’s going to be very good.
    As is Severino. ;) Pineda is up and down but a good year for his first full season after major arm surgery. He could easily be an ace. As could Severino (probably) as could Evoldi. As could Tanaka. Fact is, next year this group could put it together and be one of the top rotations in baseball.
    You’re skeptical the Yanks will sit on their hands but you haven’t been paying close attention, including last season when we were in 1st place but with obvious needs that ended up killing us.
    And they didn’t trade for expensive aging stars……………………………….. ;)

  3. Les Schraeder

    I am just glad that you are a writer and not the Yankee G.M. Why push the panic button at this point in time? You call them penny pinchers and I say that they are merely using fiscal responsibility in restructuring their team. They should trade Gardner although they are not likely to get much for him at this point. After the contracts of Beltran and Teixeira expire at the end of next year they will have a few more options to address their weaknesses. The next year both C.C. and A-Rod drop off and that is when the team will flex their financial might. Until then lets just support what new direction that the team is headed.


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