Five Unlikely Offseason Trades that Make Sense

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

Chicago White Sox Trade Jose Quintana

While it seems pretty obvious that the White Sox have no interest in trading Chris Sale, and likely wouldn’t be able to find a team to match the exorbitant price tag, Jose Quintana may be a different story. Quintana does not have quite the same trade value as Sale, as its not really a fair comparison for any player, but he could still bring back a substantial return for the White Sox. The Sox have several long-term holes in their roster, and they could use their depth in the pitching staff to upgrade several other positions in one trade.

As it currently stands Quintana’s contract is a huge bargain, and the Sox could use that as leverage to get even better trade offers. Quintana has at least three years left on his contract and is only owed approximately $21 million over that time period. Beyond that, Quintana also has two team options on his contract for a combined $22 million over two years. At the earliest Quintana isn’t a free agent until 2019, at the latest 2021. With such an extremely team friendly contract, the White Sox could ask for a lot in return if they do decide to trade Quintana. Trading Quintana might be an easier pill for the Sox to swallow than trading Sale, but it may be just as unlikely given the likely high asking price.

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