Five Unlikely Offseason Trades that Make Sense

Source: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

Source: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

Los Angeles Dodgers Trade Yasiel Puig

With a little more fire behind it than any other rumor on this list, Yasiel Puig is definitely a possibility to be traded this offseason. It seems pretty clear that many in the Dodgers organization, both in the front office and several players on the field, are done with Puig’s antics and would like to see him either set straight or off the roster all together. The recent rumors that began with Andy Van Slyke, father of Dodgers outfielder Scott Van Slyke, about Clayton Kershaw apparently being done with Puig’s attitude and antics may just be the final nail in the coffin.

Arguably there are still a vast number of teams that would be interested in acquiring Puig, despite the numerous concerns with both his health and his attitude. The issue with a potential trade comes with the potential asking price. Despite the obvious desire for the Dodgers to get rid of a clubhouse nuisance, Puig still has a very team-friendly contract that the Dodgers don’t need to force off their roster. It seems the Dodgers are willing to listen on Puig, but with three years and just under $20 million on his contract, Puig comes as a huge bargain for the Dodgers. With that in mind, the asking price won’t be low, and several teams could be turned off by Puig’s antics and by the likely large asking price.

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