Top 5 Free Agents the Texas Rangers Should Sign



Credit: Vaughn Ridley/ Getty Images

The Texas Rangers came so close to advancing in the playoffs last year. If not for a crazy seventh inning against the Toronto Blue Jays which include an epic Jose Bautista, the Rangers could have advanced. A great run for the team nevertheless as they provided many memories for the Rangers faithful. This was a team that was supposed to finish in last place.

When the team acquired Cole Hamels before the trade deadline, they were hovering right around the .500 mark. Most people thought the acquisition was for 2016 and beyond, but the Rangers started playing better baseball and ended up clinching the A.L. Western Division title on the last day of the year.

Amazing that a team that started out the year 8-16 and were under .500 as late as August 3 made it to the playoffs. The team deserves a lot of praise for pulling it together when it mattered and getting the job done. That run helped guide manager Jeff Banister to the American League Manger of the Year award. Very well deserving for the first year manager.

The following group of players would help the Rangers in the 2016 season. They are very well-built but do have some issues that need to be addressed. With over $120 million invested into 10 players for the 2016 season, the Rangers seem to be topped out as far as salary goes. They could however move some salary or plain and simply add to their payroll if they find a player that is a perfect fit.

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