5 Potential Landing Spots for Johnny Cueto

Johnny Cueto has been considered to be in the upper echelon of pitchers for a few years. After ripping off four consecutive years with an ERA south of 3.00, Cueto fell back to earth a bit this year, posting an ERA of 3.44 while splitting the year between the Cincinnati Reds and the Kansas City Royals. However, Cueto’s numbers are a bit misleading, as before his trade to the Royals at the deadline, Cueto was having another stellar year, posting a 2.62 ERA and .093 WHIP with the Reds in the first half. After the trade, Cueto’s numbers ballooned to a 4.76 ERA and 1.451 WHIP. The obvious thing to point the finger at would be the switch from the National League to the American League, and the scenario of the extra batter to deal with as opposed to the pitcher.

Cueto’s struggles in the American League could deter the 29-year-old free agent from staying and could send him scampering back to the National League where Cueto has experienced a lot of success before. Regardless of what Cueto is thinking in terms of which league he would like to pitch in, the righty will have numerous suitors from each side of the MLB.  The following teams have the best shot at landing Johnny Cueto this offseason.

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