5 MLB Stars Who Will NOT Be Invited To Thanksgiving Dinner


Credit: Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images North America

It’s Thanksgiving, time to get together with the family and socialize and bond, and most importantly eat a lot of food with the family. Thanksgiving is the time to sit around with the people you love and have a nice time and just chill out together. Of course during the season we forget that baseball players are people too, and so they too will be spending Thanksgiving with their families.

We all have our favorite players, and who wouldn’t want to sit at the table next to Andrew McCutchen or Buster Posey? I sure would.

But there’s also another side — players who would NOT be welcome at the table. Surely a few come to mind for each of us, but below you’ll find five players who, if given the chance, I would not be inviting to this Thanksgiving.

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