5 MLB Stars Who Will NOT Be Invited To Thanksgiving Dinner


Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America

4. Jose Bautista

Again, this is nothing against Joey Bats, as the Toronto Blue Jays outfielder shows consistently that he is one of the best guys in the game, but it has more to do with his batflip.

We all remember the one, the seventh inning blast in Game 5 of the NLDS. In case you don’t remember, here it is.

You may be wondering, “Well that bat flip was epic and was a huge moment, why would it cause problems?” Well the bat flip followed a monstrous homer for the lead in the game, it was a celebration. So lets say Joey Bats volunteers to make the turkey. What if it’s excellent? Would he immediately grab the turkey and throw it over his shoulder? Best not to risk it, as that would be the end of dinner. Sorry Mr. Bautista.

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