5 MLB Stars Who Will NOT Be Invited To Thanksgiving Dinner


David Banks/Getty Images North America

5. Sean Rodriguez

Sean Rodriguez was on the Pittsburgh Pirates this past season and played in the National League Wild Card game. In the seventh inning benches cleared, and Rodriguez was visibly animated after the scuffle was broken up, as the watercooler can attest to.

As you can see Rodriguez might not be the best guy to bring around the family, especially during those fantastic arguments about politics and whatnot.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Prince Fielder and Pablo Sandoval: We’ve all got budgets right?

Alex Rodriguez: Sure we all want to be in shape, but I want my turkey working out the natural way to shape its tasty breasts and legs.

Carlos Zambrano and Yordano Ventura: Another couple of fiery personalities probably better left with their own families.  

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