Building a Thanksgiving Dinner out of MLB Stars

Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America

Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America

Dessert: Clayton Kershaw

Dessert is always a great part to Thanksgiving dinner. It is what everyone looks forward too. Whether its a piece of pie, cake, or scoop of ice cream, dessert is what everyone loves.

Dessert is very similar to Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. Fans everywhere look forward to seeing Kershaw pitch. The lefty has been the most dominant pitcher in the game the past seven years and matches up with just about anyone.

Just like dessert goes with any meal, Kershaw can go against any opponent. With a career ERA of 2.43, Kershaw, like dessert has been consistently good and can finish off any hitter in the game almost as well as dessert can finish off any meal.

Kershaw is the perfect fit for our dessert.

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