Five Burning Questions for the Toronto Blue Jays this offseason

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America

4. Who will take over as General Manager?

Another area of speculation around the Blue Jays lies in the front office. The surprising departure of Executive of the Year Anthopoulos has left assistant GM Tony LaCava as the interim general manager. New president Mark Shapiro himself has a history as a General Manager and a very involved president. This can leave some questions in terms of integrity, will Shapiro be the one puppeteering behind the scenes and telling the GM which moves to make and which ones to forget? This seems unlikely despite Shapiro’s background.

So the big question: Does LaCava become permanent GM and follow Shapiro’s advice to a tee? Or will the Jays look outside of the organization for a new candidate to replace the big shoes that have been left behind by Anthopoulos. LaCava has been signed to a long-term deal, and is said to be a large piece of the front office moving forward whether or not he is named long-term GM. It is clear that he is a front-runner for the position. Should he work some magic during the winter meetings it is quite possible that he immediately earns the position moving forward.

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