Five Reasons for Phillies Fans to be Thankful

Source: Nick Laham/Getty Images North America

Source: Nick Laham/Getty Images North America

3.) Lack of Expectations

In the city of Philadelphia, it’s very difficult for sports teams to avoid high expectations. Whether is expectations of a division championship, or even as far as a World Championship, fans can become extremely restless if expectations aren’t met, almost instantaneously.

For a five-season period, the Phillies were an extremely successful team. Over that time period, the team won five straight division championships, two National League pennants, a World Series trophy, and broke the franchise-record for single-season wins with 102.

However, expectations took a serious dip following the team’s 81-81 finish in 2012. Since then, expectations have gotten lower and lower each season. That’s leading up to this season, where there are practically no expectations. Fans are just looking forward, to watching the young talent develop around them, and rebuilding towards the future.

Following a 63-99 finish, I don’t know if any team could have expectations, even if that team is in Philadelphia.  

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