Five Reasons for Phillies Fans to be Thankful

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

2.) A General Manager that Possesses Baseball Sense

During Ruben Amaro Jr’s tenure as General Manager of the Phillies, there were thousands of phone calls into Philadelphia sports radio stations bashing Amaro’s “baseball sense”. He made a number of questionable moves that were bad. By bad, I mean very bad. Amaro depleted the farm system through trades and crippled the franchise financially through contract extensions and free-agent signings. Fans were getting fed-up with Ruben’s lack of “baseball sense”, and the moves that were harming this franchise.

That’s why new GM Matt Klentak is a breath of fresh air to the Philadelphia fan base. Klentak has experience working under the tutelage of current team president Andy McPhail, and served as second-in-command to Los Angeles Angels GM Jerry Dipoto for four seasons. Klentak has an extensive background in analytics (a staple in an Andy McPhail-run organization), and specializes in contract negotiations, something that the Phillies have had some difficulty with in the past.

President Andy McPhail praised Klentak, and was quoted as saying, “We found an executive with the keen ability to understand cutting-edge baseball analytics, coupled with superior scouting, player development and leadership skills. Additionally, his commitment and resolve to build the foundation for a championship-caliber team was evident every step of the way through the process.”

The 35-year-old Klentak became the youngest GM in Phillies history, and made no mistake that his primary goal is to win, saying, “I have very ambitious goals. I want to win.”

With the Phillies turning a new page in the franchise, Klentak looks to be the right man to lead them forward.

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