A Boston Red Sox Fan’s Giving Of Thanks


We are just about done stuffing Facebook and Instagram feeds with opulent pictures of food, and after a massive Thanksgiving dinner I’m contemplate having the Lapband surgery done, having eaten a mid-sized dog’s worth of meat and starch. The sheer gluttonous nature of this holiday won’t be able to muffle my squeals of gratitude to the baseball gods this offseason. With this traditional offering of thanks, I would like to take a few moments to appreciate the Boston Red Sox, particularly in moving forward towards next season.

Last season saw the Sox finish dead last in the AL East for the second year in a row — the third such finish in the last four years. For the team and its fans, there have been some hard lumps (but not in my mashed potatoes) to take recently. Regardless of the short-term suffering — in contrast to all the last decade’s worth of spoils — there are many ways in which we should remind ourselves how glorious it is to be a Red Sox fan.

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