A Boston Red Sox Fan’s Giving Of Thanks

Greg Anthony

1. I’m thankful that I know where we all stand with the NESN brass.

Seriously dude, NESN VP Joseph Maar wouldn’t get any mashed potatoes if he had been at my table tonight. No gravy either. And I’d make him sit at the kids table. After all, he was acting quite childish when he decided that the much-loved Don Orsillo wouldn’t be tendered a new contract. What is up with this clown?

Doesn’t he know that even during the crappy times, when the Sox looked like they couldn’t beat a squad of Boston High School All-Stars, we fans still tuned in to games on NESN, because we had Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy calling the games?

Well, at least Maar has shown his true colors. He’s not gettin’ a Christmas card either!

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