A Boston Red Sox Fan’s Giving Of Thanks

2. I sure am glad I get to watch Big Papi do this a few more times.

The first homer David Ortiz hits next season will tie him with Eddie Murray for 26th on the all-time leaderboard. Seven more bombs from Ortiz and he’ll pass Gary Sheffield. At 510 career homers, Ortiz would own 25th place and be one behind Mel Ott. If Big Papi can overtake Eddie Mathews and Ernie Banks, next in his sights will be Ted Williams. Needing 18 HRs to tie (19 to pass) The Splendid Splinter, it seems very reasonable Ortiz could end his career in the top 20 in HRs.

The question is how will his health hold up in his age-40 season? Well, he’s only missed 61 of the last 486 possible games from 2013 to the present. That does not seem to indicate high risk. Remember that, if you were a big, slow DH, you’d probably miss 16-25 games a season due to the constant interleague play alone.

So, I’m specifically thankful for the near-fact that Ortiz will end his career ahead of Sheffield and that stupid bat-waggle. In addition, I’m thankful that Papi will be closing out his playing days before he becomes a shriveled lump of leftovers from his glory days.

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