The Offseason Survival Guide


Photo credit: Fox Sports

Survival guide tip#2: Watch old games

If you’re a baseball history buff like me, watching games from the past is a great way to get a peak into yesteryear, a way to watch some of the game’s greatest while in their primes and dominating the game of baseball.

There is a plethora of full games on YouTube that range from the early 1950s to games from this past season.

Some recommendations:

1971 All-Star Game – The most Hall of Famers ever in an All-Star Game.

1979 ALCS Game 1Nolan Ryan vs. Jim Palmer … yes, please.

1952 World Series Game 7 – Mickey Mantle is only 20 and already belting World Series homers.

1991 Seattle Mariners vs. Detroit Tigers – It’s just a regular-season game but seeing a young Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. play at the hallowed grounds of Tiger Stadium makes this game worth watching.

If none of those games tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other games on those channels that can find games for any fan of any team to help get you by while you wait for your team to start playing again.

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