The Offseason Survival Guide


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Survival guide tip# 5: Video games

If you are an avid video game player and only have a Xbox One or Xbox 360 then your choice of baseball gaming over the last five years has been subpar. But there are great older baseball games to play if you do not own a PS4 or PS3.

For the people who don’t own a PS3 or PS4, you are still in luck. There are some solid older MLB games out there that still have high replay value. Games such as Triple Play ’99, MLB Slugfest 2003, MVP Baseball 2005, MLB 2K7, and The Bigs 1 or 2 are all outstanding baseball games that will help get you by.

If you do own a PS4 or PS3, MLB The Show is a series that is an absolute must for any baseball fan. If you want a game that captures the beauty of baseball and it’s little nuances, MLB The Show is a game that you should own. With features such as Road to the Show that allows you to create a player and rise from the depths of the minor leagues all the way to becoming a Hall of Fame player, or Diamond Dynasty, which is a card-based mode that challenges the gamer to build a team through opening open packs of cards to build the ultimate team, MLB the Show offers something for everyone.

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