Five Reasons to Love the Jordan Zimmermann Signing for Detroit

3.) Zimmermann wants to be in Detroit.

Contrary to what Bert Blyleven would lead you to believe, Detroit is not that bad a place to live. Jordan Zimmermann could have had his pick of landing spots. He could have chosen to pitch in sunny California or another big market like New York, Boston, or Chicago. Instead, the Wisconsin native chose Detroit.

The Tigers clearly made signing Zimmermann a priority, and he must have liked that. For every other team pursuing him, Zimmermann would have been option number two or three. He could easily have waited a few more weeks to squeeze out a few more million dollars, but chose not to. The working-class ethos of Detroit seems to resonate with the fiery pitcher. He wanted to get a deal done, the Tigers got a deal done, and Jordan Zimmermann is happily coming to Detroit.

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  1. Joe Burton

    tigers need to sign fister to give good advce to the yougsters two years would be great


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