Five Reasons to Love the Jordan Zimmermann Signing for Detroit

2.) His style of pitching should play well in the American League Central.

The 8.2 strikeouts per nine rate Zimmermann posted in 2014 should be viewed as an aberration, not something to expect going forward. The right-hander has a career strikeout rate of 7.4, and struck out 7.3 per nine in 2015. He fills up the strike zone with his fastball — thrown nearly 63% of the time in 2015 — and pitches to contact for the most part.

Zimmermann does not have to rely on getting outs on the ground to be successful. His ground out to air out ratio in 2015 was 1.0. What Zimmermann is good at is neutralizing hard contact by locating his fastball effectively early in the count. That’s a style of pitching that should play well in the AL Central.

The Tigers play in one of the best stadiums in the league when it comes to suppressing home runs. Comerica Park had a park factor of 0.79 for home runs per game last year, the lowest in the American League. The Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, and Minnesota Twins also play in parks that help to suppress home runs. Only the Chicago White Sox play in what is a borderline hitter’s park, but their offense is likely to be anemic again in 2016.

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  1. Joe Burton

    tigers need to sign fister to give good advce to the yougsters two years would be great


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