How Well Does Hanley Fit With Top Targets?

Source: Rich Gagnon/Getty Images North America

Source: Rich Gagnon/Getty Images North America


The Red Sox are going to have a tough time moving Ramirez. They will have to eat a lot of his contract while taking minimum value — if any value — in return. Ramirez is likely only an option for American League teams in need of a designated hitter, which makes sense why the Orioles, Mariners, and Angels (somewhat) are potential targets. Even if the Red Sox don’t end up signing free agent slugger Chris Davis to play at first base, sticking young first baseman Travis Shaw in a starting role is probably better off for Boston than Ramirez. If a deal doesn’t happen soon, one can only wonder how desperate the Red Sox will get when it comes to trading Hanley: How little of value will they take in return, and how much money will they eat? Will they eat Ramirez’s $22 million vesting option for 2019 along with more salary from 2016 through 2018? Unless teams get too desperate for a bat, the Red Sox may have a pretty tough time trying to give away the Dominican-born right-handed hitter, even at a discounted price.

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