Five Burning Questions for the Los Angeles Dodgers this Offseason

Source: Joe Robbins/Getty Images North America

Source: Joe Robbins/Getty Images North America

1 . What happens to Yasiel Puig?

It’s the million-dollar question, the one that will leave fans unsatisfied no matter how it’s answered. On one hand, Yasiel Puig’s Major League debut in 2013 helped spark a historic run to the top of the NL West standings, and he was a big reason they repeated as division champs in 2014. Then, in 2015, Puig suffered through a horrific injury-filled season where every day seemingly brought a new report about his personal issues and conflicts with teammates.

Those reports haven’t let up in the offseason, either. Just last weekend, a video surfaced of Puig brawling with a bouncer at a Miami nightclub after getting into a heated argument with his sister. The Cuban import is one of the best raw talents in baseball, as his 2013 season showed, but he’s also been a headache in the clubhouse throughout his entire time with the Dodgers and clearly hasn’t shown much willingness to improve himself either physically or mentally. At some point, one has to wonder whether the Dodgers’ patience with their star right fielder is wearing thin.

There are plenty of reasons one would want to be a fly on the wall in the Dodgers’ front office, but the most compelling one by far would be to see how Friedman and his staff are handling the Puig problem. Does Friedman, who made his name as a Wall Street trader before going into baseball, go against his training and sell a star player whose value has never been lower? Or do the Dodgers hang onto the man who saved their 2013 season, and hope that Puig realizes his potential?

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