Predictions For Top 10 Free Agents

Photo via Getty Images

Photo via Getty Images

7. Justin Upton

Prediction: Los Angeles Angels. Seven years, $140 million.

The Angels swung and missed when they brought it prized free agent Albert Pujols, who has declined ever since getting paid his $240 million by the Angels in the winter of 2012. His sluggish play has left a hole in the middle of the lineup to pair with Mike Trout, and Upton would be the perfect fit not only in the middle of the order, but in left field. Upton is quietly a very good defender, is only 28 years old, and although he’s inconsistent during the season, year in and year out he ends up with consistently good power numbers. Upton gets his seven-year deal worth $20 million a year, and is able to help transform the Angels back into an AL West powerhouse to contend with Houston and Texas.

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