Report: Mariners “Trying Hard” to Trade Trumbo

Just about two seasons ago, Los Angeles Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto traded slugger Mark Trumbo in a three-team deal, marking Trumbo’s departure from L.A. Two years later, Dipoto is no longer the GM of the Angels, but has an opportunity and a motive to deal Trumbo yet again.

Now the Seattle Mariners GM, Dipoto is “trying to trade” Trumbo prior to the Wednesday deadline to tender contracts. The Mariners are hoping to swing a deal by 9 PM on Wednesday night or they will have to make a decision on tendering a contract to Trumbo and go to arbitration, where he is likely to earn over $9 million. Whether they are able to swing a trade before tendering a contract, or they agree to terms with Trumbo on his rising salary before attempting to trade him after, the Mariners are likely moving in a new direction.

The team is trying to focus more on defense and athleticism, and Trumbo just doesn’t fit into their long-term plan. Trumbo has averaged 26 home runs over the past five seasons, but has never had a batting average higher than .268. He’s an outfielder, first baseman, and has experience at third base as well.

The market for Trumbo is evolving, but for the Mariners, they want to save money to spend on pitching, including their own free agent Hisashi Iwakuma. As of now, the two teams linked to Trumbo are the Baltimore Orioles and the Colorado Rockies. Both teams have needs at first base, especially if the Orioles do not win the bidding for Chris Davis.

As Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported, the Orioles are looking for a first baseman, designated hitter, and an outfielder or two, so acquiring Trumbo would be a start for the Orioles.

Either way, Dipoto looks to be dealing Trumbo for the second time is his career as a GM. We will keep you updated as this story evolves in the next 48 hours.

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