5-Tool Podcast Ep. 3: John Baker

Former major league catcher (and pitcher!) John Baker joined hosts Jeff Snider and Nick Hamelin this morning on the third episode of the 5-Tool Podcast. The topics were varied and wide-ranging, and as anyone who follows Baker on Twitter (@manbearwolf) could guess, it was quite entertaining.

We started with some quick discussion of recent baseball news, the first being David Price‘s contract with the Boston Red Sox. We discussed the Mark Trumbo trade and what it means for his future Cy Young chances, Nori Aoki signing with the Seattle Mariners, and Joba Chamberlain taking his beard and his bug spray to the Cleveland Indians.

At the 3:37 mark, we jump to our interview with Baker, a lifelong Golden State Warriors fan who chose as his walkup music E-40’s “Choices (Yup) (Warriors Version.” Baker joins Tony Gwynn Jr. as the second of three players to choose E-40 walkup music in the short history of the 5TP.

Topics discussed with Baker included:

  • The fact that he is the third-most-famous John Baker to play in the big leagues, behind Home Run Baker and Dusty Baker.
  • Steroids and the Hall of Fame.
  • John’s status as the greatest pitcher in Chicago Cubs history.
  • Jake Arrieta‘s monstrous season and what makes him so great.
  • What it means to play the game the “right way.”
  • The tiny amount of money that minor leaguers are paid.
  • And a ton of other things.

We finished up with a quick segment where Nick and Jeff each shared one interesting baseball factoid, and that was it.

Thanks to John Baker for joining us. As always, follow us on Twitter at @5ToolPodcast, @NickHamelin, and @snidog. Follow John @manbearwolf. Subscribe on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-5-tool-podcast/id1059928255.

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